Las fotos de Instagram que marcaron este 2014

Las fotos de Instagram que marcaron este 2014

El número de usuarios de Instagram alcanzó este mes 300 millones personas. 'TIME' junto con esta aplicación popular para compartir fotos ha hecho una recopilación de los momentos clave de 2014.

Daniela Marín

La revista anglosajona Time, realizó una recopilación de la mejores imágenes de Instagram que marcaron este 2014.

“Momentos reales son capturados y publicados en Instagram cada día”, dice Pamela Chen, directora editorial de Instagram. “Estas [imágenes] son sólo una muestra de las poderosas fotos compartidas por personas de todo el mundo en 2014.”

La guerra en Gaza, los conflictos en México, las manifestaciones del racismo policial en Ferguson, la incesante disputa política y religiosa en Afganistán, son algunos de los momentos retratados en las fotografías publicadas.

A continuación no te pierdas esta interesante selección:

More from Newroz in Diyarbakir. #newroz #kurds #turkey #amed #diyarbakir #flags #somanyflags

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Boarding the bus, sent to greet us, on the tarmac at the airport in Mogadishu, Somalia

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#AisholPan and her #GoldenEagle in action (#BayanUlgii , #Mongolia )

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Japan’s Nuclear Power Plant Belt: A 65 year old woman Yumiko Aoki works at her rice field during a super hot day, in an extremely depopulating Oku-Izumo in Shimane, one of the nuke-plant prefectures in Japan. All of nuke power plant regions and nearby have faced the drastic depopulation, the shrinking of job market and the aging society. That was one of the biggest reasons nuke reactors were created in such areas, though after the 2011 Fukushima nuke power plant disaster, all reactors have been suspend for the operation. Yet, the Japanese government and many residents of the nuke power plant belt want to resume. #japan’s_nuclear_power_plant_belt #old_people #oku_izumo #depopulation #aging_society #shimane #japan #rural_area #countryside #handy_capped #iphonephotography #photodocumentary

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Home of the tent! Nomadic bride and groom at north-east of #iran

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The Pasture of The Fourth Horseman There is a slight, upward grade from the escape hatch of the Titan I nuclear missile base. Each of the 18 sites scattered throughout the interior of the U.S. are, essentially, perfect copies of one another. There are academic differences —the location of the septic ponds or how the concrete domes were formed —but a single, common schematic laid over the deceptively innocuous landmarks on the surface will decode the mystery of what lies underneath. More than a quarter mile of tunnels like this connect the silos to their various support structures like the deep tunnels of an apocalyptic ant pile. At the end of this tunnel, there is an enormous fuel terminal that serviced the sixteen story nuclear missile held in a deep silo just next to it. Each missile site contained three ICBMs that could be fired in sequences separated by about fifteen minutes. It took 47 seconds to open the silo lid and roughly two minutes to raise the missile sixteen stories to the surface. Before the site was salvaged, the walkway would have been covered with steel and the racks on either side would have linked the launch control room to the missile itself with hundreds of miles of cables. Perhaps it goes without saying, but its recitation somehow underscores the purpose of these facilities: there was no protocol for reloading a launched missile silo. These items were one-time-use-only.

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A homemade personal protection suit. This man brought his sick mother to the #Ebola clinic in #monrovia #liberia.

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Siti and her son Yong visits the grave of her first child, Haikal, who passed away due to a sudden illness. Siti was not aware that she was HIV positive and didn't take precaution to prevent passing on the virus to her baby. Siti has been undergoing Antiretroviral Therapy since then. As a result, Siti is healthy and although she is HIV positive, Yong is negative. At his last checkup Yong weighs 10.5kg and he will be celebrating his 1st birthday this month. I am continuing the 2nd chapter of my project documenting the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Tanah Papua, collaborating with the Clinton Foundation on a campaign to lower stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS in the provinces. #againstallodds #papua #indonesia #HIV #AIDS #epidemic

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Goodbye Thingyan, catch ya next year! #myanmar #thingyan2014 #thingyan #asia #newyear

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Eritrean wedding in Haifa today. #israel #wedding #lovemypeople #haifa #bahaigarden #view #eritrea #stairs

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