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De flaco a "Hulk": La increíble obsesión por el gimnasio de un joven inglés

Martyn Ford se obsesionó con el gimnasio y obtuvo resultados que lo han transformado en el "Hulk" de las redes sociales. TVN

Martyn Ford, un joven inglés amante del gimnasio, experimentó una increíble transformación física.

A través de las redes sociales ha compartido su experiencia de vida: pasar de ser un adolescente muy delgado, a un hombre con impresionantes músculos.

We all have a starting point, don't let that put you off! Become who you want not who you are, if your not happy-CHANGE! I have literally doubled my size, I was so thin and ill due to a strange time of my life, I lost weight fast when I was younger due to stress, it took me 12-18 months to really over come the illness, and I came back fighting. People often presume you have always been the way you are today, very quick to judge and assume. Where you have been makes you who you are, so I really appreciate everything I have now as it wasn't always like this. Change is possible, you just have to want it enough to do something about it. Not just change in the physical sense, I mean life! Don't give up, or you will never know what you could become! #martynford #motivation #focus #positive

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Tras 13 años de arduo trabajo en el gimnasio, su cambio ha sorprendido en las redes sociales.

Según reporta el diario DailyMail, Martyn gasta 400 dólares cada semana sólo en alimentación, ya que cada hora quema calorías y necesita estar bien alimentado para mantener su masa muscular de 150 kilos.


Esta obsesión lo llevó a estudiar nutrición y ciencias del deporte en la universidad. Además puso su propio gimnasio en Minworth, Reino Unido.

Éstas son algunas de sus imágenes más impresionantes que lo han llevado a ser nombrado el "Hulk" de las redes sociales

So the bulking has started, today's session with constant tension, forced reps and rest pause training was insane! My ego was definitely left at the door! If you can manage to train for you and not worry about what the man next to you is thinking then give this a go! Set up the flat bench and have a weight you can perform 12-14 reps with. Do your first set of press, of 10 reps, speed 2:2 this is a controlled steady speed. Go deep with the movement, when pushing back up go 2/3 up so your not locking out fully bringing the triceps into play. The rest between sets no longer than 60 seconds. Take hold of the same weight and repeat the movement again, repeat the same process 4-5 sets. Get a spot as sets 3-5 you should be struggling to reach 6-8 reps on your own. Get a spot to try and push out a few forced reps. If you really want to increase intensity add a rest pause set in sets 4-5. So once you have completed maximum reps, rest the weight for 10 seconds and try to push out 2-3 more reps, rest another 10 seconds and do again. You can use this method with any exercise. #martynford #bloodysweattears #chest #muscle #tips #youtube

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