¡Gran valor! Modelo muestra su verdadero rostro y causa furor en las redes sociales

¡Gran valor! Modelo muestra su verdadero rostro y causa furor en las redes sociales

Breanne Rice ha ocultado durante 12 años el raro trastorno que sufre en su piel, pero ahora se cansó y decidió mostrarle al mundo su cara sin ninguna gota de maquillaje.

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La modelo estadounidense Breanne Rice, de 31 años, ha causado un verdadero impacto en las redes sociales tras publicar en su Instagram una fotografía que dejó al descubierto su extraña enfermedad.

No one can be you but YOU Embrace what makes you different and unique #vitiligo

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Rice compartió una imagen donde revela la rara enfermedad cutánea que padece desde hace 12 años: Vitíligo, patología autoinmune que afecta a la piel y que causa manchas blancas que pueden ser en el rostro, el cuerpo, como también en los ojos o membranas mucosas.

Last week I visited the Doctor to perform a series of scans on my face, to see exactly how much current pigmentation I've lost due to Vitiligo(an autoimmune disease where your body attacks its own skin cells and you lose pigmentation). Lately I've noticed new loss of pigmentation on my forehead, and now it's also begun on the top of my lips. There is a direct correlation to the health of the digestive tract and the overall health of the body. For me this started with undiagnosed food allergies, chronic stress and unwanted pathogens, which then lead to autoimmune disease. When our body is in a constant state of inflammation or in a high stress environment, our immune system takes a large hit. I experienced this firsthand, starting at a young age. I've gotten some pigmentation back through feeding my body the right nutrients, but stress can also trigger an instant immune response. I've lost almost all of the pigment on my nose and my eyelids. My chin has a large area also, but due to the position of the scanner it did not show up in the photos. The hardest part about this is that it's on my face, and it takes a lot of work for me to have the appearance of normal skin. When I saw these photos last week, it was very upsetting, but I have accepted this condition and this is my own personal journey. It's been a very long journey, but I've learned to love myself and not let something like this define whether I feel confident about myself and deem whether or not I'm beautiful. In all my years of living, I've learned that if you place your confidence and whether or not you feel beautiful based on an idea of (your own standard of)perfection or comparing yourself to someone else, you will always be unhappy. You can decide to be beautiful and confident because you're YOU and you're not supposed to be or look like anyone else. #Vitiligo #selflove #loveyourself #beautiful #youarebeautiful #vitiligobeauty #nutrition #autoimmune #immune #inspire #encourage #love #beyou #digestion #allergy #health #naturalhealth

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Mediante esta patología, se pierde el pigmento de la piel, lo que deja grandes manchas pálidas, en este caso en la cara de la modelo, quien lo ha ocultado durante todo este tiempo utilizando maquillaje.


Como señala Daily Mail, ni siquiera sus amigos más íntimos estaban al tanto del problema, ya que la joven utilizaba maquillaje hasta para ir al gimnasio.


Pero ahora Breanne ha cambiado y decidió publicar varias fotografías en su cuenta de Instagram sin ninguna gota de maquillaje, para inspirar a otras mujeres a aceptar su piel y las imperfecciones que tiene.

✨Today is World Vitiligo Day! Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease where your body attacks its own skin cells, and you lose pigmentation. Mine started when I was around 19, and I lost nearly over half of the pigmentation on my face. To be honest, it was pretty devastating to my self esteem, and I wouldn't go outside without makeup on or sunglasses. It took me a long time to feel confident enough to be able to be public with it, and accept that I don't have perfectly pigmented skin. People would tell me "you're beautiful," but I never actually believed it because of my insecurities. I lived in fear and was constantly worried by the fact that it could spread to other areas of my body at any time. This was the first photoshoot I did (although super blended) where I left some of my vitiligo semi-exposed. Sometimes things happen in our life that are totally out of our control, or we have a health issue or an insecurity. We cannot always control our circumstances, but we can change how we view ourselves and learning to be comfortable in our own skin. To my friends who also have vitiligo: I understand how hard this can be at times, but don't let your value be defined by the fact that you don't have perfectly pigmented skin. It's how you see yourself that matters most, and guess what-YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL #worldvitiligoday #vitiligo #vitiligoworld #model #modeling #beauty #skin #autoimmune #skincare #health #digestion #fashion #vitiligolove #vitiligobeauty #youarebeautiful #media #press

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"Al principio quería parecer normal y escondía mi piel cada vez que salía", señaló Rice. "Ponerme la base me tomaba 45 minutos cada mañana. Tenía miedo de mostrarle a la gente cómo me veía. Mi trabajo era ser atractiva y segura, y tenía la presión de poseer un aspecto perfecto".


Pero ha cambiado totalmente de parecer. "Ahora, en lugar de sentir vergüenza, he aprendido a ser yo misma. Sé que no soy perfecta y lo utilizo para capacitar a otras mujeres. Todos tenemos ansiedades, nos comparamos con los demás, pero tenemos que querer nuestra piel y no sentirnos menos merecedores de amor", afirma la joven.

Good morning from Arizona! I feel so blessed to be able to wake up to this beautiful view! One of the hardest things about warm climates like this is making sure my vitiligo(which I only have on my face) doesn't get extreme sun exposure. I have no pigment, so it will burn from sun exposure, which makes it quite painful and can be embarrassing at times. This also makes it very noticeable because I have an olive skin tone and it tans the areas around that have healthy pigment. This was hard to accept at first, but it's what I have to do when the sun comes around. To be honest, I use to fear warm vacations because it made it nearly impossible to hide my vitiligo on my face and I'd just end up sweating it off. I've been enjoying this trip more than any of my other trips because I'm the most comfortable I've ever been being seen in public and not having "perfect" evenly pigmented skin. Beauty does not mean perfection, it means loving yourself and being comfortable with how you are uniquely different. We are are uniquely beautiful, and no one can be YOU but YOU--so start loving yourself. #vitiligo #vitiligobeauty #vitiligolove #vacay #outdoors #arizona #travel #selflove #beyou #encouragement #summer #nutrition #happiness #seattle #immune #autoimmune

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La foto de Rice ha obtenido el apoyo de miles de usuarios que elogiaron el valor de revelar su condición a millones de internautas alrededor de todo el mundo.

I have vitiligo and I've only got it on my face. It started when I was 19, and I got very sick with digestive distress and became allergic to every protein imaginable. The top left picture is not pretty, but it's when it was at its absolute worst, and I also felt my worst about the way I looked(can you tell by my expression?). I wouldn't go outside without makeup on, and I would look in the mirror and start crying. I was devastated. Long story short, I went through a series of events and suffered a lot of trauma all at once, which pushed my immune system over the edge(stress also depletes us of B-vitamins). I had to address my body as a whole, and take 10 steps back to take one step forward. I worked on building my immune system, taking down the inflammation in my GI Tract and focused on digestion. Guess what? My skin began to receive pigmentation back(especially on my chin), and I began to digest and absorb nutrients. It was a very long process, but I have learned to control it through eating things to support my digestive tract. I don't think I will ever have perfect skin(top right most current), but I am okay with that. The biggest change has been in my mindset. I hid it for so long from people, and no one ever knew about it. Now, I have accepted it, and I hope that my situation inspires you. Don't let your circumstances define you or make you feel any less beautiful-your flaws are what make you unique and beautiful. Just be you #vitiligo #vitiligolove #autoimmune #allergies #foodallergies #love #selflove #womenencouragingwomen #digestion #immune #natural #naturalhealth #health #inspire #encourage #beyou #beautifil #youarebeautiful #unique #vitiligolove #vitiligobeauty #seattle #loveyourself

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Algunas fotografías de Breanne Rice ocultando su enfermedad:

Taking a break from filming and headed to Vegas✈ #firstclass #vegas #fun #vegasbaby #ootd #travel #seattle #film

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Glam look for today #redlips #glam #glamourous #onset #film #filming #media #press #tv #television #setlife #actress #actor #seattle

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#light #film #filming #media #tv #press #beyou #ootd #pnw #seattle #golden #summer #northwest #jewelry

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