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Pan American diving: canadian McKay takes first place, Orozco qualifies third

The Mexican star and double Olympic medalist is participating in Santiago 2023 looking for her first Pan American gold medal. In the women's 10-meter platform qualifiers, she finished behind the Calgary-born athlete and compatriot Gabriela Agundez.

Diving Pan American Games 2023-

Viernes 20 de octubre de 2023

This Friday, the female's 10-meter platform diving qualifying event took place at the Centro Acuático del Estadio Nacional, where Mexican double Olympic medalist Alejandra Orozco participated in the beginning of the Pan American Games 2023.


Pan American diving: a though battle between McKay and Orozco

Although the North American athlete arrived at Santiago 2023 in search of her first Pan American gold, in the preliminaries, she could only finish in third place behind the Canadian Caely McKay and her compatriot Gabriela Agundez.

The Calgary-born athlete, along with the Mexican Agundez, were considered favorites to win the event, so they emerged as early candidates to challenge Orozco for the first place, when competitions are just starting in this Pan American Games.

The Canadian McKay totaled 343.95 points in her five dives, with scores of 75, 67.20, 73.60, 57.75 and 70.40. Agundez totaled 333.75 (67.50, 84.15, 67.20, 42.90 and 72); and Orozco averaged 320.10 (64.50, 59.20, 65.60, 58.80 and 72).

Women's 10m platform diving results

Pan American diving.
The other qualifiers to the final, according to unofficial results, were Ingrid de Oliveira, from Brazil (318.30); Anisley Garcia, from Cuba (315.45); Alejandra Estudillo, from Mexico (311.60); Nike Agunbiade, from the United States (298. 50); Maycey Vieta, from Puerto Rico (275.50); Jordan Skilken, from the United States (264.45); Maria Gomez, from Colombia (260.90); Celina Toth, from Canada (261.80); Victoria Garza, from the Dominican Republic (246.95); and Mariana Osorio, from Colombia (233.25).

Pan American diving.

Meanwhile, the Puerto Rican Elizabeth Miclau (233.15), the Cuban Arlenys Garcia (224.65) and the Peruvian Pamela Reyes (183.45) were left behind in the lower part of the rankings. In any case, the first two would be eligible for the repechage.

The final of the women's 10-meter platform will be disputed this Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

Women's 10m platform diving: TVN streaming

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