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Santiago 2023: United States won the gold in the air rifle mixed team

Mary Tucker and Rylan Kissell prevailed in the final against the Mexican duo by a score of 16-10.


Competitors in the Air Mixed Team Rifle during the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games

Lunes 23 de octubre de 2023

The United States 1 team secured the Pan American gold medal in the air rifle mixed team competition this morning at the Polígono de Tiro located in Pudahuel, the western area of Santiago.


Shooting at the Pan American Games

Pan American Shooting: Gold Medal for the US

Mary Tucker and Rylan Kissell outperformed the Mexico 1 team consisting of Goretti Zumaya and Edson Ramírez Ramos in the final, winning by a score of 16-10.

In the final tally, the victorious pair earned 630.1 points, while the second-place team closed with 628.4 points, and the third-place team finished with 622.6 points.

The bronze medal also went to the United States, as their second team, composed of Saggen Maddalena and Gavin Barnock, defeated Mexico 2 by a score of 16-6, with the Mexican pair consisting of Luisa Márquez and Carlos Quezada.

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